Buying Medicines Online Can Be Dangerous and Deadly, Learn How to Stay Safe and Save Money

There is a growing trend toward the digitalization of the healthcare industry, including increased utilization of telemedicine and the purchase of medications online. Yet, a majority of Americans do not understand the prevalence of illegal online pharmacies or their inherent dangers, putting their health at risk.

At any given time, 95% of the roughly 35,000 online pharmacies worldwide operate illegally. These sites threaten American lives by selling medicines without a prescription, operating without a license, and peddling fake drugs, often containing dangerous – even deadly—  ingredients like fentanyl, mercury, paint thinner, antifreeze and other poisons. 

And now the COVID-19 pandemic provides a new opportunity for online criminals  looking to exploit consumer fears about the virus for profit. The number of malicious websites is exploding- with the sole purpose of scamming patients with fake COVID-19 cures and treatments.

ASOP Global has collected the resources below from credible sources to help you stay informed and avoid falling victim to COVID-19 scams and misinformation.

Fake medicines contribute to up to one million deaths each year worldwide. What’s more, buying from illegal online pharmacies increases the risk of credit card and identity theft. Even so, nearly 55% of Americans report they have or would buy medicine online, usually for convenience or cost reasons. The scary part is, less than 5% of people know how to find safe pharmacy sites online.

But you can stay safe and save money. And ASOP Global can help. Use the tools and resources below to keep you and your family safe – and keep your costs down.

GoodRx collects prices, coupons & discounts from over 60,000 legitimate, licensed U.S. pharmacies.

RefillWise offers a discount card that helps you save on prescription drugs prices at all major U.S. pharmacies.

NeedyMeds helps patients find Patient Assistance Programs that provide free or discounted medicines to people who are unable to afford them.

LegitScript maintains the world’s largest comprehensive database of regulated healthcare products, organized by legitimacy and safety. LegitScript monitors and catalogs warnings from over 100 government agencies on an on-going basis and follows regulatory developments in nearly 20 countries around the world.

The .pharmacy verified domain, established by NABP, creates a safe space for consumers throughout the world to purchase medicine online, while enabling businesses to show that their websites are trustworthy. Unlike seals of approval posted on websites, the .pharmacy domain is part of a website’s address and cannot be faked.

Download this handy checklist with five tips to help you stay safe and save money when buying medicine.

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Watch this video to learn more about the risks U.S. consumers who order prescription medicines from Canadian pharmacy websites face.