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About Illegal Online Drug Sellers

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When you are searching for medication online, it can be difficult to tell what is an illegal online “pharmacy” or a scam. With over 95% of the 35,000 online “pharmacies” worldwide operating illegally, it’s possible that you’ve come across one before but how can you tell?

Illegal online drug sellers may offer significant cost savings and seem to cut through the red tape. Many claim they are able to offer deep discounts because they sell medications approved for other countries, like Canada, but these medications may not be the same medications that you would get from a licensed pharmacy. Instead, these medications are sourced from unregulated suppliers and manufacturers.

These sites threaten patient lives by flouting the most fundamental pharmacy standards – requiring a prescription, operating with a license, and ensuring they source their medications from safe and trusted suppliers. That means you never know what you might get when you buy from illegal online drug sellers.

How to tell the difference?

Safe Pharmacy

Always requires a valid prescription

  • Asks for a prescription and confirms that it has been issued by a licensed healthcare professional
  • Follows the orders provided on the prescription and dispenses what your healthcare provider ordered

Licensed where they operate and sell

  • Licensed where their facilities are located so regulators can make sure they are storing and preparing medication safely.
  • Licensed in the states where their patients are located so regulators can ensure they are adhering to state laws and investigate patient complaints.

Protects your health and privacy

  • Doesn’t offer to sell you medications that you weren’t prescribed.
  • Doesn’t sell your personal information.
  • Safeguards your personal information.

Trustworthy suppliers and safe medications

  • Buy their medicines from FDA-approved wholesalers ands manufacturers. You can trust that the medicines they provide are safe.

Illegal Online Drug Seller

No prescription required, no questions asked

  • Doesn’t ask for a prescription or doesn’t require one to purchase.
  • Patients must select the medicine, dosage, and quantity.

What license?

  • Aren’t licensed in the jurisdiction where their patients are located and may not be licensed where they operate, meaning they operate with zero regulatory oversight.
  • Often located abroad, making it difficult for authorities to investigate patient complaints.
  • Seldom have a pharmacist on staff to answer your questions or check your medications.

Shady deals and spam emails

  • Offers deep discounts on medications, often too good to be true.
  • Offers free samples of medications or “bonus pills”.
  • May market other drugs to you via email.
  • These websites may also sell your personal data.

You never know what you’ll get

  • The drugs you receive may look like the real deal but in reality, there is no telling where these medications come from or how they were produced and there are no guarantees they are safe.

File A Report

If you suspect a website or social media account may be selling medication illegally, report it using the link below.