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Survey on American Perceptions and Use of Online Pharmacies

In May 2021, the ASOP Global Foundation commissioned Abacus Data to conduct a national poll of 1,500 American consumers. The survey measured Americans’ perceptions and use of online pharmacies, as well as their awareness of and response to the federal government’s final rule on prescription drug importation, which was enacted in September 2020.

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Evaluation of Pharmacists’ Awareness of Illegal Online Pharmacies and Perceived Impact on Safe Access to Medicines

The objective of this study was to determine gaps in knowledge and recognition of the negative clinical and safety impacts associated with illegal Internet pharmacies by licensed pharmacists. A 37-question electronic survey was developed and distributed to pharmacists across the United States by email via a database from the American Pharmacists Association.

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Survey on American Perceptions of Online Pharmacies

In July 2020, ASOP Global commissioned Abacus Data to conduct a national poll of 1,500 American consumers’ perceptions of online pharmacies. Building on a similar survey of consumers in Indiana, the poll sought to measure awareness and perceptions of online pharmacies and uncover any influence the COVID-19 pandemic has had on consumer behavior.

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Evaluating Attitudes Towards Legalizing Canadian Online Pharmacies

A standardized, 49-question survey via phone was conducted to collect data from 500 Indiana consumers regarding online pharmacy use, perception of risk with online pharmacy use, and relevant demographic information. One-third of those surveyed had purchased from an online pharmacy for themselves or for someone under their care.

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Evaluation of Risk Perception Associated with Online Pharmacy Use

Data was collected on 500 Indiana consumers regarding online pharmacy use and risk perception. Following an initial survey, respondents were presented with educational information regarding the risks associated with online pharmacy use and their overall risk perception was subsequently reassessed.

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ASOP Global Research

For other other published reports and studies on illegal online pharmacies and counterfeit medicines, please visit our affiliated 501(c)(4) organization, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global).